Musical Tips for Your Wedding from Moonlight Memories DJs

During Your first dance consider having everyone join in on the dance floor
(in addition to just the bridal party). This lets all of your guests “break the ice”
and get started on the dance floor just a few minutes into your wedding reception!

If you would like to dance alone on your first dance for the entire song, then perhaps have
two “first dance” songs played “back to back” with your guests joining in starting with the second song.

Have the parent’s dances directly after the first dance.
Waiting until after dinner may interrupt the momentum of the party.

Limit your list of song request to the DJ to under 15 songs.
More than that may inhibit the DJ from playing “to the crowd”.

Also, tell the DJ what songs, or type of music, you do not want to hear.

If your “ceremony” is being held in the catering hall, consider having the DJ play the music.
It is less expensive than an organ player or a three piece ensemble and it sounds just as good.

Hire a professional DJ. Ask for references from the DJ whom you are considering hiring.
Remember, music makes or breaks your celebration.

If you have some reservations about the garter and bouquet toss, then consider not having them.
Many couples are now leaving them out, as many people are no longer enchanted with these activities.

Make sure the DJ is set up in a proper place.
The DJ needs to be in a central location, next to the dance floor – not set off in a corner of the room.

Work out beforehand with your DJ (and catering hall) what the overtime rate will be.

Most important – when the Bride and Groom spend a lot of time on the dance floor, so do their guests.
This guarantees a successful wedding reception.