The "Classic" Party Songs
Of all the thousands and thousands of songs that have
graced the airwaves over the years just a small percentage
endure and become the party standards that are
played at our special occasions.
Today's - Fast Dance
Today's - Listening and Slow
The Ninties - Fast Dance
The Ninties - Slow Dance
The Ninties - Listening
New Wave / Punk
Heavy Metal
The Eighties - Fast Dance
The Eighties - Slow Dance
The Eighties - Listening
The Seventies Rock - Fast Dance
The Seventies Rock - Slow Dance
The Seventies Rock - Listening
Early Rock N Roll 1955 - 1969 Fast Dancing
Early Rock N Roll 1955 - 1969 Slow Dancing
Early Rock N Roll 1955 - 1969 Listening
Big Band Era - Fast Dance
Big Band Era - Slow Dance
Big Band Era - Listening
Easy Listening Standards
Special Dances
Country - Today
Country - 80s and 90s
Country - Old Standards